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Automatic Rolling Shutter Motor

Automatic Rolling Shutter Motor

Automation system :- for Rolling shutter, the operator should be a (without spring & maintenance free) side one motor drive system with side brackets and manual override system in case of power failure with both side ball bearing , suitable for industrial use. For heavy rolling shutters. Having an inbuilt limit switch, having an auto stop at the time of opening & closing with in Built brake, key switch.

Rolling Shutters : Gear Motors for Rolling Shutters

• Sturdiness and long – life reliability.
• Body and crown made of aluminium alloy.
• Support crown system on a divided cage retainer with steel rollers.
• Full epicyclic gearmotor with high resistance steel gear set.
• Equipped with waterproof bearings on the motor-reduction gear axis.
• Special Motor In Long Width Rolling Shutter.

With Italian Motor Automation systems rolling shutters are controlled automatically with a simple gesture; one click and all the home’s shutters roll up or down for maximum comfort. Automated rolling shutters assure better window insulation. Automatic adjustment to external light and temperature variations reduces air conditioning and heating costs, as well as offering improved home and personal safety and security thanks to specific functions such as presence simulation, alarm, motion stop in case of obstacle.

Commands are transmitted via radio for the remote control of rolling shutters. There are no electric cables connecting motor and control, which is mobile so that rolling shutters can be controlled remotely, individually or in groups. Installation is quick and does not require any brickwork.

Sensors are fastened directly to the window pane to detect weather conditions and immediately transmit them to the control unit. If for instance the sunlight is too hot, the sensor sends a signal which automatically lowers the shutter, even if you’re not there.

In the event of a break-in attempt the device – consisting of a wireless sensor to be applied to the shutter and a radio socket – sends a signal to the house alarm system.

Obstacle detection protects the rolling shutter and any other item inadvertently left on the window sill. The built-in motor control unit immediately detects the obstacle and stops the shutter to allow safe removal and command repetition without any damage.
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