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Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

We offer Dock Shelters available in the range of retractable type and cushion type suitable for dock or ground installation, capable ok maintaining Dust Temperature and hygiene within the premises made of steel structure and flexible rubber for Internal Strengthening frontal DVC panels are Bolted to the frontal frame by aluminum extruded frame easy for maintenance and replacement. We can offer custom made solutions size - 3400 mm X 3550 mm X 700 mm

Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers are based around meeting daily business requirements keeping parameters in mind like traffic intensity, building design, bed heights, type of vehicles as well as requirement of handling equipment that find usage in loading and unloading operations. 

The available options include Swingdock that comes with swing lip dock leveller and used general applications, Swingdock Autodock that comes with self supporting frame, Swingdock Replacement that provides for replacement of existing levelers, Swingdock that comprises heavy duty swing lip dock leveler and Swingdock Minidock that are manually operated dock leveler.

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