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Garage Door

High quality material to assure the longest durability and silence of the movement.

• Easy to use unlock lever.
• Strong and reliable reduction unit made of high quality     materials.
• The operator unlock device is fast and easy to use.
• Functional good looks and dimensions that allow installation in    the most difficult places.


An automated rolling door offers great convenience; all you need to do is press a button on the transmitter and the door will automatically roll up or down. Utmost safety is guaranteed by an obstacle detection system within the operation range (in compliance with EN 13241 norm) which immediately stops the downwards movement and commands rewind. In the event of a person, animal or object being within the operating range, the safety system prevents any harm or damage. If forced breakin is attempted, a special detection system will send an alarm signal.

Rolling doors automation systems include the integrated unit control PRW uno, or the external unit control MY-DOOR due.

Sensitive photocell detectors, rubber profiles to cushion the impact and brakes provide the rolling entry door with a high degree of safety for people, animals or objects that should inadvertently be within the operating range, promptly stopping it.

In the event of a break-in attempt the device – consisting of a wireless sensor to be applied to the rolling entry door and a radio socket – sends a signal to the house alarm system.

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